7 online poker strategies you should know

Most of the people think that poker is a game of luck chance and luck. Unfortunately, your being lucky won’t help much. You have to understand the game and use your intellectual capacity and emotional intelligence to be a winner. It is the perfect blend of skill plus chance that makes online poker so popular across the world. You have to be a consistent learner to master skills so that you could be a winner in a long-term.

Frankly, even the best of the best online poker players admit that it is very easy to learn but tough to master the game. You have to play according to plan with the best strategy to execute the plan using mathematical, psychological and deceptive skills. The best part is you have to just play better than your opponents to be a winner.

If you are a beginner in poker space, you have to find the balance of fun and fund so that you could avoid the drift and remain in the game. You are on the way to become an online poker start, just focus on these 7 strategies and counter-strategy tips and start playing:

Strategy 1: Decide Whether Playing for Fun or Win

The goal setting is one of the most important parts of any plan. In poker, you need to decide whether you are paying for profits or just fun. This decision changes your approach of game-play. If fun is the priority, keep the funds away and don’t be an easy catch fish. If your goal is to be an earner in long-run you have to give time and effort to be a regular winner.

Strategy 2: Focus on Decision Making, Results Will Follow

Start with accepting the fact that you simply cannot win every time. Even the best cannot claim so. Hone online poker skills and give your best in every session. This approach will make sure that your bottom line remains positive. Your goal should be to play to the best of your ability in every session.

Strategy 3: Smart Calculation Matters

Poker is a game of permutation and combinations. Here you have to make a certain calculation based on clues you get from cards and hands. Since you are dealing with an incomplete piece of information, you have to be very careful in mathematical calculations. It doesn’t mean you have to me a mathematician to be a poker player. These calculations are nothing but nohting the moves that you could plan position and hand smartly.

Strategy 4: Avoiding Tilt

As you march towards mastery, the normal poker skills get automated and the game becomes a play of emotions. You have to be emotionally intelligent to not just attack, but be prepared for counter account. Don’t allow your emotion to be a weapon in the hands of your opponents. In emotion vs. intelligence battle the latter has better chances of victory. If the game is emotionally overloaded, it is better to break the moment and regain your composure.

Strategy 5: Calculative Aggressiveness

You are a master of the poker basics and you know it is all about bet and application of focused and timed aggression. Armature players go too cautious on the table and play randomly, they check when he is supposed bet and call when expected to raise. If you have solid opening hands the best strategy is to go extra aggressive, so that opponents are forced to cough up to stay in the game. The idea is to increase your odds in pot by pushing them out of the pot. The aggressive strategy helps you win big pots, so if you have the best hand it is better to get the maximum out of the table.

Strategy 6: Blend it with Patience

Aggression is good only when you have a good opening hand. You have to be patient with bad hands and control the loss. You simply cannot play in hope of better cards. The best strategy for string bottom-line is to fold more hands than play. Be calculative and focus on law of average when chances are low. It is better to use the time in learning what your opponents are doing with cards.

Strategy 7: Play with Long Term Goal

There is no end learning as far as poker is concerned. It is time taking practical learning process. You have to be very open towards learning, so that you could be an online poker star in a long term. It is very natural to get low in loss, but you simply cannot allow loss to rule your mind. Hone your intellectual and emotional skills and bring it to table in taking smart decisions in crucial moments.

Online poker, ultimately, is all about earning money. You have to be really smart in using information to your advantage to be a profit maker. The best strategy to enjoy the game is to focus on overall earning not on hand to hand winning.
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