Every Second Person on the Planet Owns a Blog

Every second person on this planet owns a blog but how many of us know how the entire concept of blogging started? It is said that blogging initially started around 1994, some people started maintaining online records of their lives, and most of them were journalist or diarist. Although blogging started at a very slow rate it soon became quite popular and as the years passed on we got to see more and more technical advancement in blog publishing. modern living blog

In the year 1998 Open Diary was launched by Bruce Ableson, here the writers could post their views and the visitors could comment on their post, within a short span there were countless open diaries and it is said that this was the first time that a blog community was formed where readers could actually add comments and express their views. In March 1999, LiveJournal and Pitas.com was launched. Brad Fitzpatrick was the man behind Livejournal, Pitas.com was started by Andrew Smales for maintaining news page on a website. In the same year Diaryland was launched for those who were interested in maintaining a personal diary community. One of the most popular and most widely used blogging website – blogger.com was also launched in the year 1999. Blogger.com was launched by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan but was purchased by Google in the year 2003.

The modern age blogging system is quite advanced and much more evolved in comparison to traditional blogging system where most of the components were updated manually. Modern age blogging system offers highly technical, secure and sophisticated way of online publishing your views. Blogs can be run with the help of blog software or with the help of blog or web hosting services. A blog or a web log can be defined as an online journal about anything. Those who cannot afford to own a website can sign up for free blogging accounts. Blogging nowadays does not involve any technical job, as a user you only need to write what you want to, give is a title and publish it.